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Diver Medic Class

The Hyperbaric Training Associates Diver Medic curriculum is based in diving and gas physics review, medical diagnosis
and treatment of diving related injuries along with hyperbaric chamber operations.
It is an 80-hour course of intensive study to prepare the student for the position of an IMCA or NBDHMT Diver Medical Technician. It is also an excellent introduction to hyperbaric medicine and chamber operations for physicians. 
Students will be provided the knowledge and skills to provide basic and advanced care to persons injured in the diving related work and recreational environments.
Hyperbaric Training Associates (HTA) and Cornerstone Medical Services (CMS) are presenting a unique diving medical program for diving and allied healthcare professionals.
HTA has developed a complete Diver Medical Technician program to prepare the student for the rigors of emergency medical field care.
It is also an excellent class for physicians to be introduced to the principles and physiology of diving medicine and the hyperbaric environment.
Many of the world's diving regulatory agencies recommend that every commercial diving operation include at least one or more Diving Medical Technicians as part of the crew. Not only at the surface, but in saturation as well..  
Many Public Safety, Fire Department, and Law Enforcement Dive Rescue / Recovery organizations require advanced emergency medical personnel on-site during operations.
Updated regulations from OSHA and IMCA require medically trained personnel on-site during operations.  In many states, the OSHA regulations have been adopted for "Public Safety" divers.
Due to the location of our program, students may have the rare and unique opportunity to act as "chamber operators" and "chamber tenders" for actual DCS Type II patients.  
The Cornerstone Hyperbaric Chamber staff has treated thousands of cases of Decompression Sickness. Most of these patients are commercial lobster divers, however; we do see our share of recreational divers. The majority of the commercial diver cases are severe Type II Decompression Sickness. This type of actual "hands-on" experience is priceless. These clinical sessions are conducted under the strict and constant supervision of the DMT Instructor/Coordinator and/or Chamber physicians.
The needs of the diving industry are demanding in the extreme sense. Safety regulations and compliance issues are a major concern. The potential for injury is obvious and many regulatory and industry standards setting agencies have addressed this in new and tightened regulations. An individual with advanced diving medical and hyperbaric training obviously is preferred.

General Requirements
All Diver Medic students may be required to actually work in the hyperbaric environment. This may be during an actual patient treatment run and/or a training run.
All students will be required to operate the hyperbaric chamber during training and/or during actual patient treatment runs.
All NBDHMT students will be required to conduct medical procedures inside the hyperbaric chamber while it is under pressure. These procedures would include a physical and neurological examination, starting an IV/IO, performing an IM injection, and inserting a Foley while maintaining a sterile field.

NBDHMT Student Requirements
The National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technology requires that all student hold a current Emergency Medical Technician certification or equivalent.
Students must also hold a valid "Work Under Pressure" certification or current diving medical. The "Work Under Pressure" certificate can be issued by our clinic physicians following an examination.

NBDHMT Board Certification Examination 
Candidates for NBDHMT certification as a Diver Medical Technician will be able to sit for the NBDHMT examination on the last Friday of the initial training program. This examination will be administered on-site by a NBDHMT examination proctor.
Students must bring a copy of their Emergency Medical Technician certificate or license to class. This, along with all other required paperwork will be sent to the NBDHMT with your completed examination. Additionally, a check in the amount of $125.00 drawn on a US bank made out to NBDHMT, or a credit card is required for payment of the NBDHMT DMT application fee.

IMCA Diver Medic Training
Candidates for the IMCA Diver Medic certification must hold a current IMCA Diving Qualification and a valid commercial medical to be considered for IMCA Diver Medic certification.
The IMCA approved Diver Medic certification is a 2 year certification.

IMCA Diver Training and Certification
IMCA is not directly involved in the training of divers, although its members are obviously concerned with ensuring the proper training and competence of such safety-critical personnel.
IMCA recognizes a list of diver training certificates for those working offshore world-wide, set out below and downloadable as an information note at the foot of this page. In regulated waters more restrictive lists of recognized certificates may apply.
IMCA does not approve individual diving schools. For details on the approval of individual schools, please contact the relevant certification authority (a note on certain contact details is provided at the foot of this page).
Diver training in the USA
IMCA also recognizes ACDE certificates issued by US training schools which are accredited by the Association of Commercial Diving Educators (ACDE) in respect of training/assessment performed in accordance with US Standard ANSI/ACDE-01-1993 and its successor standard ANSI/ACDE-01-1998. These schools are independently audited and certificates from them can be accepted as showing suitable basic training. Subsequent diving experience needs to be demonstrated by logbook entries. A list of currently accredited schools can be found at www.acde.us

IMCA Approved Diving Certificates

Surface-supplied diver certificates
  • Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme Part 3
  • Brazilian Curso de Especialização em Mergulho para Praças
  • Brazilian Curso Especial de Escafandria para Officiais
  • Brazilian Curso Básico de Mergulho Raso Profissional
  • Brazilian certificates to be supported by a Brazilian Navy stamped divers logbook
  • Canadian Category 1 Diver
  • Canadian Surface Supplied Mixed Gas Diver to 70m
  • Canadian Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver to 50m
  • French Class 2 Mention A
  • India - Commercial Surface Supply Course, Kochi (post September 2002)
  • Netherlands Part 1 - Surface Dependent Diver (issued up to 2002)***
  • Netherlands Certificaat Duikarbeid Categorie B***
  • New Zealand Construction Diver Part 3**
  • Norwegian NPD surface diver
  • South African Class II
  • TSA or MSC Basic Air Diving
  • UK HSE Surface Supplied Diving Top-Up
  • UK HSE Part I
  • UK Transitional Part I (issued 01/07-31/12/1981)
IMCA Surface Supplied Diver:
Certificates issued with the approval of IMCA by four organisations - Diving Diseases Research Centre, Interdive, KB Associates and the National Hyperbaric Centre - following competence assessment of experienced divers in accordance with IMCA D 26/01. The approval of these three organisations was given following a detailed review of their assessment procedures. These organisations are required to inform IMCA before any assessments are performed.
Certificates issued under the 'Verification of experienced ACDE surface supplied and bell divers' undertaken by The Ocean Corporation with the approval of IMCA.

Diver Medic Course Syllabus
  • Preparatory
  • Body Substance Isolation
  • Documentation
  • Oxygen Equipment
  • Initial Assessment & Vital Signs
  • Medical / Trauma Assessment
  • Soft Tissue Injury
  • Bleeding & Shock
  • Musculoskeletal Injuries
  • Environmental / Marine Injuries
  • Cardiac & Respiratory Arrest
  • Diver Medic Medical Skills Review
  • Role of the Diver Medic
  • Diving Physics & Gas laws
  • DCS, Neuro Exam & Rx Tables
  • Barotrauma & Diving Issues
  • Hyperbaric Chambers
  • Hyperbaric Chamber Operations
  • Saturation Diving Issues

Closed bell diver certificates
  • Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme Part 4
  • Canadian Category 3 Diver*
  • Canadian Bell Diver
  • French Class 3 Mention A
  • Netherlands Part 2 - Bell Diver (issued up to 2002)***
  • Netherlands Certificaat Duikarbeid Categorie C***
  • New Zealand Construction Diver Part 4**
  • Norwegian NPD Bell Diver
  • South African Class 1
  • TSA or MSC Bell Diving
  • UK HSE Closed Bell
  • UK HSE Part II
  • UK Transitional Part II (issued 01/07-31/12/1981)
IMCA Bell Diver:
Certificates issued under the 'Verification of experienced ACDE surface supplied and bell divers' undertaken by The Ocean Corporation with the approval of IMCA.

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