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Faculty and Facilities

CMS Staff & Faculty

Dr. Rafael Diaz, MD is a Medical Director, Diving Medical Officer, and resident physician, for the Cornerstone Medical Services and the EMT, DMT, and Remote Medic Programs. Besides a general practitioner, Dr. Diaz has provided treatments for thousands of serious diver injuries in the 28 years he has been on the staff of CMS. He completed his medical training in 1990 at the Medical College of Honduras, Tegucigalpa. Dr. Diaz has also studied diving medicine on "El CRIS, Barcelona, Spain with Dr. Desolaa. He is also a PADI Diving Instructor.

Dr. Paul Gale, MD is also a Diving Medical Officer, resident physician, and Medical Director for Cornerstone. A graduate of the Medical College of Honduras, Tegucigalpa, he is a general practitioner with a background in Pediatrics. He is one of the primary assist instructors in the DMT program. Dr. Gale is also a minister in the Bay Islands. Dr. Gale has been with the Cornerstone Clinic and Chamber for the past 18 years. He has also been involved in the treatment of thousands of diving related injuries. Most of these injuries are Type II DCS and severe barotrauma.  

Commander Ronald Ellerman, is a CMS staff Diver Medical Technician and Medical Instructor. He has over 42 years of service as a professional firefighter and EMS provider with extensive field, and teaching experience in EMS, Special Operations, Rescue, Commercial and Public Safety diving. He holds certifications as an IMCA and NBDHMT DMT Instructor, Wisconsin EMT Instructor/Coordinator, a NREMT Examiner, Advanced Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support Provider (PHTLS), AHA CPR Instructor Trainer, and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS). He is also certified as a PADI Master, Inland Commercial, Public Safety, and Mixed Gas Diver. Commander Ellerman has been affiliated with CMS for over 20 years and the author of 'Diver Medical Technician; Care of the Injured Diver', 'Diver Medic Field Operations: A Practical Guide' and 'Remote Medic Field Guide: A Practical Approach'.

Mr. Cranston Valentine. Mr. Valentine just recently joined our staff at Hyperbaric Training Associates as an Associate Instructor. He is a highly experienced Off-Shore Commercial Diver holding IMCA and ADCI certifications as a Surface-Supplied Diver, a Bell Diver, and a Saturation Diver. Cranston has spent over 900 days in saturation and also holds an IMCA Diver Medic certification.

Hyperbaric Chamber Facilities
The Cornerstone Clinic and Chamber is located on the grounds of Anthony’s Key Resort.
The Clinic is equipped with a 52" multi-lock chamber, which is utilized to treat patients and to provide practical chamber operations experience to DMT students.
Quite often, the Cornerstone Chamber is used to treat as many as 4 injured divers at a time, utilizing both the inner and outer locks. Chamber operations are conducted around the clock if necessary. This is a 24 / 7 operation.
A new Clinic and Chamber building has been completed on the grounds of Anthony's Key Resort. This new building provides us with 2 patient exam rooms, X-ray room, Ultrasound room, an Emergency Room, a pharmacy and a full laboratory, along with our hyperbaric chamber.

The Cornerstone Clinic
The Cornerstone Clinic was originally opened in 1988 on the grounds of Anthony's Key Resort. The deck decompression chamber was housed in a 20' by 20' building with one exam table and a desk. Staffed by two doctors and an EMT/Dive Medic, this facility provided the primary care to the Honduran Miskito Indian lobster divers stricken with Type II DCS.
The chamber in the old clinic. To place a patient on a backboard into this chamber, the outside doors of the clinic needed to be opened because of lack of room at the chamber end.


Our primary classroom is located in the AKR SCUBA School building near the main entrance.
Classes will begin on the Monday at 0830 SHARP. Normally, classes will run until 1630 each day. No classes are held during the weekends, but there may be the opportunity is serve clinical time in the Clinic assisting injured divers and conducting hyperbaric treatments.

The didactic and practical skills portion of the DMT program are conducted in the classroom facilities on the grounds of Anthony's Key Resort. These classrooms have been recently remodeled to provide more room and functionality. These classrooms are air conditioned and equipped with the latest audio/visual and computer technology, including Wifi.

A full inventory of advanced training manikins for the Emergency Medical Training and Diver Medical Technician Programs are maintained at the school. A medical library for the students is provided. It contains numerous textbooks on diving medicine and emergency medical care that can be checked-out by the students for further study and research.
Students will use the most modern equipment and training manikins during their training at Cornerstone Medical Services including adult, child, and infant CPR manikins, Defibrillation / Intubation Manikins with full EKG computers, Pneumothorax manikins, Needle Cricothyrotomy manikins, IV arms, IO manikins, Suture arm and leg manikins, Foley Catheter manikins, anatomical models, and all equipment currently available on a standard ALS ambulance.

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